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Healing in the Akashic Records

Deep healing can take place when you work with the Akashic Records. But there are levels to it.

For some issues, an Akashic Records Reading is enough. Understanding yourself from the objective, soul-level perspective that an Akashic Records Reading offers can be very healing in itself. For example, understanding the nature of a soul contract that you held with a past partner can help you let go of that connection and move forward to a more conscious level of relationship.

However, some issues run deeper and may require additional focused work. This is where Akashic Records Clearing comes in. This is not about 'deleting' your information from your Akashic Records-that is impossible. It is about moving the energetic stagnation caused by past life trauma, past life vows, ancestral issues and karmic connections through the energy bodies in order for you to then transmute the stagnation. Most of this stagnation can be found in the outer layers of the 7 energy bodies that the Light Grid consists of.

All work is done by your Higher Self/Soul with the assistance of the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. As someone who provides this service, my job is purely to observe what has occurred to cause the stagnation. That way, when we meet on zoom afterwards I am able to relay to you the energies that you will be transmuting. This can be essential to you understanding why you are feeling certain emotions in the post clearing period.

I also teach you how to do this work on yourself through your own Akashic Records and for others for existing Akashic Records Readers who wish to deepen their practice.

For deep healing work with me

I suggest the combination session. This is a full reading and a full clearing session. To book in please visit the service below and hit next availability for my schedule.

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