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How is an Akashic Records Reading different to a Psychic/Intuitive Reading?

The simple answer to this is that an Akashic Records Reading is a form of channeling-the information comes from outside of the Akashic Records Reader and is channeled through the reader. In a psychic/intuitive reading, it comes from within-the readers intuition. It involves the reader being able to intuitively tap into your energy and provide guidance to you from their translation, via their intuition (sometimes using tools such as Tarot cards).

In an Akashic Records Reading, the Akashic Records Reader opens themselves to channel the information from the Akasha (Sanskrit-space, sky aether). The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in the Akashic Records help obtain the information that they deem relevant to the questions you bring, based on what you are ready to receive. This involves complete surrender on the part of the Akashic Records Reader.

If you prefer to think in energetic terms intuition is working with predominantly feminine energy, primarily from the sacral chakra and through the heart chakra (both feminine energy dominant chakras). When working with the Akashic Records you are also working with predominantly feminine energy by connecting to the Akasha and the information 'drops into' the heart chakra for transmission. This is why you often feel the connection through the heart chakra. Both intuitive practices require the masculine energy to provide a structure for the information and for ultimate communication of the information.

Think of the Akashic Records as an ocean of information. Your intuition is comprised of drops from that ocean, but it is not the ocean itself. This is why when you start working with your own Akashic Records, or when you go for an Akashic Records Reading, it is important you bring a range of questions to ask. The questions help your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones ascertain the information that you need to receive from the Akashic Records.

I often find with my readings the information provided by the Akashic Records will answer more than one of the questions that the client has. This is completely normal. Not only are our 'issues' often related to each other but the very act of sitting and considering what questions you have will mean that the information you desire is ready to be channeled. Answers to your questions from the Akashic Records can be very long!

Akashic Records Readings are about seeking soul level truth and guidance. It is not about being told what to do-we are looking for guidance and seeking a more objective, 'bigger picture' perspective by using the Akashic Records to zoom out.

Both types of readings (Akashic and Intuitive) can help you navigate your life. There is not one better than the other-they are just different.

To book in an Akashic Records Reading with me, please visit the link below and hit the next availability button for my openings:

If you are unsure as to what type of questions work well in an Akashic Records Reading, please download my free e-book to give you an idea. These are by no means the only questions that work, but should give you an idea to craft your own questions.

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