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What is a Starseed? Akashic Records Perspective

The term 'Starseed' when it comes up in the Akashic Records is used to describe a soul who has been through lifetimes not only on Earth but within other star systems. It also comes along with what I affectionately call the 'Starseed Caveat'-that is that having 'off Earth' lifetimes does not make you any better than souls that do not-all souls are equal.

In the Akashic Records, all information that is relevant for you to know to help you understand yourself from a soul level perspective, relating to the questions you ask, will come up. Oftentimes, this includes information about your soul's evolutionary journey.

As more and more people start to open up to their Cosmic Level of Consciousness, understanding their soul's galactic connections can be extremely helpful. It can help you understand what your soul has been through to get here-past life trauma often includes trauma from those off Earth lifetimes. It can also help you understand the gifts and skills that you learned in these off Earth lifetimes that you still hold within you. And if you have started to connect in to strange looking guides, it can help you to understand what your connection is to them!

Think of each star system your soul chooses to incarnate into as a school system-with Earth being the hardest and densest of them all. There are often a number of similarities with people who are Starseeds, such as:

*feeling like they don't belong, that Earth isn't 'home'-even feeling homesick

*naturally very psychic/intuitive (usually from childhood)

*extremely empathic (which can feel overwhelming at times)

*often feels like the odd one out within their birth family

*feel the need to be of service to others

I held a workshop earlier in 2023 about what it means to be a Starseed, taking a look at a number of the

Starseed systems and traits that have been shown to me in the Akashic Records Readings. If you would like to rewatch the recording of this, you can purchase it by following the link below

If you would like to dive deeper into your soul's own personal developmental journey, please book in for an Akashic Records Reading.

And if you are unsure as to what questions to bring along to an Akashic Records Reading, please feel free to download my free ebook-101 questions to ask in an Akashic Records Reading

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