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What is Akashic Spiritual Life Coaching?

Akashic Spiritual Life Coaching is for those of you who want to work deeply with the Akashic Records. It is incredibly effective as I often find that where people feel 'stuck' on their spiritual development journey, we can use the Akashic Records to find out exactly where this issue began and receive guidance from the Akashic Records as to how to move through it.

For example, if you feel 'stuck' in respect of your clairvoyant development it may be that:

a) the higher chakras are overactive and the lower chakras are underactive

b) you may have an implant that you can remove with Akashic Clearing

c) you may have restricted access to your clairvoyance due to persecution in a previous lifetime (witch wounding)

Spiritual Development using the Akashic Records is a focused, grounded and embodied approach. There is no escapism here but there are genuine results.

Some of the issues I have helped clients work through recently include:

*inner child healing

*inner teen healing

*chakra balancing

*balancing the masculine and feminine energies within to your unique ideal balance



*shadow work and the void

*releasing energetic stagnation from trauma (current and past life)

* healing ancestral wounding

*understanding and strengthening inner intuitive gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience etc)

*intuition development

*compassion and forgiveness

*energetic cleansing and protection

*self love and self worth

*how to really work with manifestation and the Law of Attraction

*understanding and connecting to Archetypal energies

*soul loss and soul retrieval

I am currently taking discovery calls for clients who want to do this work in 2024. If you would like to apply, please complete the short application form.

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