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What They’re Saying

Level 1 Training

Suzie is an incredible force of light in this world. Her passion to make connection to spirit open source and possible for everyone is at the heart of everything she offers. Dive in with her work and your world will expand! 


Level 1 and 2 Training

If you are considering learning about the Akashic Records I HIGHLY recommend Suzie. She is authentic and personable, like talking to a friend. I feel so comfortable and at home in her energy and she teaches from a place of truth. There is no ego involved, simply the  facts. She gives me confidence and assurance  and has not once made me feel 'less than' her in any way. Her courses are easy to understand and you can tell she genuinely wants all of her students to succeed.


Akashic Clearing

You were able to give me so much clarity as to why I've been stuck in many areas. I now feel so much lighter and truly feel as if shackles were released. I've been receiving downloads like crazy and I finally feel like I'm able to ground myself. Also, my creative ideas are booming!


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